July 26th Ridgeway Charity Tournament

July 29, 2009

I was unable to make it to this tournament.  But the boys did a great job.  They took second overall after losing the first game of the day just to knock off all the competition to meet the team they lost to in the first game.  We led the game until the 5th when team Gonzo scored 14 runs.  Russ can probably do a better job at detailing the events of the day.  I did hear some stories and they were pretty good.  There is a picture that Russ will put up later.


July 23 vs Assembly of God

July 29, 2009

Game 1: 13-1 us Mercy

Game2: 19-1 us Mercy

Game 1 the opponent team was short one player and Chuck Mendes volunteered cheerfully to have a chance to start at First Base even if it was for the other team.  But who are we kidding we come out every week to play, and when you have up to 20 players every week, any chance to start will be taken.  Chuck did make some plays for against us.  He stretched far to make the catch against ???  as he ran to first.  I personally thought he needed more action and put one hit at his feet.  Luckly or, it could have been the spin, he couldn’t find the ball in the dust and I made it safely to first.  Good try Chuck….It was fun game.  offensive highlights  Ray and Pete had triples: Levi, Cory and Jason Crawford had doubles.

The second game especially fun to watch.  Derek wore his white sliding pants again today and that means it was time to get dirty. Derek dove into home plate twice this game, was there a play? the first time he did it the ball was thrown home, but the second time on his home run it wasn’t even close he just likes to get dirty.  Plus it is really fun to watch.  JJ (who by the way thinks Derek is the BOMB) hit an ITP homerun and dove into home plate too.  Offensive Highlights: Tim, Derek, JJ, Jim and Eric had doubles. Tim, Eric and Brad had triples. Derek, Eric, Brad, and JJ hit ITP homeruns.

July 16 vs Grace Point

July 18, 2009

Game 1: 13-9 us

Game 2: 17-10 us

This night marked the return of Jamie to First Base after a 2 year sabatical and he has been dubbed “Shop Vac” because of the uncanny way any ball thrown in his direction winds up in this mit, no matter if it is in the dirt or 8 ft above the base.

Second game highlights. Tommy had two doubles and Jim, Jason B, and Randy each hit one.  Brad and Eric each hit ITP homeruns.  Defensive highlights include Jason Bolton taking care of business in the top of the fourth at shortstop making plays for all three outs.  Eric also threw a runner out tying to stretch for extra bases at third all the way from his position at Right Center.

I may have to try and get the old camera out to capture some footage next week.  See ya there.


July 9th vs Ridgeway

July 14, 2009

Game 1: 38 to 24 them after 9 innings

What a game, as you can tell it took 9 innings to decide a winner. We started off with a bang Levi leading off with a HR and then batting through the lineup the first inning. We held the lead until the 3rd when the went up 1 run.  The game was tied by the 5th 15’s.  The 6th 20’s.  The 7th 23’s. The 8th 24’s, until the ninth when Ridgeway’s bats woke up putting 14 runs.  We were unable to answer and lost the first game.

Game 2: 29 to 15 US

The book keeper didn’t keep record of doubles and triples but Jim and Randy both hit homeruns.  The game war running late and it was decided that the batters would start with 1 and 1 at bat and by the third it was 2 and 2.  We jumped out to a lead once again but were caught in the 4th and 5th but we were able to jump ahead in the last two innings putting 7 runs in the 6th and 9 in the 7th. Tom “Preach” Hawkins made a return from retirement to pitch a winning game striking one batter out and hitting a three run HR blast clearing the bases.

It was two very exciting games to watch.  If you haven’t made it out to a game you don’t know what you are missing.

July 2 vs Tecumseh Nazarene

July 4, 2009

Game 1: 21 to 14 Win

Game 2: 15 to 2 Win

The bats have come alive and we are above 500.  We had a great turn out of players and fans in the stands.  We actually had enough players to field two totally different teams once all the tardy people arrived.  First game highlights:  Pete had an in the park home run; Jason Bolton, Jim and Pete each had a triple;  Jim, Jason M (2), Derrick, Tommy, Eric all hit doubles.

Second Game offense: Russ batted a cycle with his in the park homerun, Derrick(1 ITP) and Ralph(2) hit Home Runs. Jason B, Randy, Derrick hit triples. Tim had a double.  I had the opportunity to watch most of this game and there were several nice plays in the infield.  Russ and Derrick each caught a line drive then threw a runner out caught off base for double plays.  Levi made a very nice catch on semi run dive in left center.  I am sure that there were more.  We need someone to start tapeing the games so I can have a YouTube highlight channel, maybe alittle Mud N Steel.

Post in the comments anything I forgot


June 25 versus Clinton Methodist

June 30, 2009

Well it seems the new sticks paid off.

Game 1: 17-0 Win

Game 2: 16-4 Win

Game 1 only went 4 innings before the game was interupted by lighting in the distance.  But the game as pretty much decided in the first when we put 12 of the 17 runs on the board.  There were two outs by the forth batter, but we batted around until the forth batter got the third out.  I will not name the batter.  (Sorry someone had to get the third out, hey at least you only got two of the three outs.) Highlights of the offense. HR-Ralph (1); Triple- Russ (1), Bolton (1), Pete (2); Doubles-Levi (1), Russ (1), Derrick (1), Brad (1), Cory (1). Defensive highlights.  I will need some help here but I know that the catcher made an awesome play on a bunt throwing the runner out at first base. Make comments if you remember anything else.

Game 2 The team batted around again, this time in the third inning. Levi legged out another in the park homerun for his second of the year, making him second in HR’s for the team. Ralph hit his second blast of the night giving him 5 for the season, he also had a double and triple if we had played one more inning he could have hit a cycle. Tommy, Randy and, JJ also had triples. Cory, Jim, and Derrick had doubles. Defensively I can only recall Russ making a nice throw from third to throw a batter out at first.

The New Bats

June 29, 2009

Russ’s Fathers day gift to the team… wait…  it was Russ’s Fathers day gift.

DeMarini Creature DXLR8

And here is the new official team bat.

Easton Synergy Reveal Flex SRV1