Been a little lazy with the updates

Yeah,  So I have been alittle lazy with the game recaps for the past two weeks.  I am sorry.  Living life sometimes gets in the way of blogging.  But the last two double headers were good games.  there were alot of good plays.  Like Ian’s First GRAND SLAM HOMERUN.  I think it was grand slam but the score book only shows two runners on but my memory is what I am going to trust and not the book kept by a fan who is there to chat and watch all the cute kids play.  (We really do appreciate all the people that come out each and every week and I do APPRECIATE all that have helped this year with keeping the score book!)

But it is tournament time and the league has come to an end.  We played one game today in the POURING rain and lost but, that is the way we like to do things at tournament time.  The rest of the games were called for inclimate weather and will resume tomorrow SUNDAY 8/8 at 1pm.  Grab a bite to eat and come root the team on.  It can be really funny to watch.


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