July 23 vs Assembly of God

Game 1: 13-1 us Mercy

Game2: 19-1 us Mercy

Game 1 the opponent team was short one player and Chuck Mendes volunteered cheerfully to have a chance to start at First Base even if it was for the other team.  But who are we kidding we come out every week to play, and when you have up to 20 players every week, any chance to start will be taken.  Chuck did make some plays for against us.  He stretched far to make the catch against ???  as he ran to first.  I personally thought he needed more action and put one hit at his feet.  Luckly or, it could have been the spin, he couldn’t find the ball in the dust and I made it safely to first.  Good try Chuck….It was fun game.  offensive highlights  Ray and Pete had triples: Levi, Cory and Jason Crawford had doubles.

The second game especially fun to watch.  Derek wore his white sliding pants again today and that means it was time to get dirty. Derek dove into home plate twice this game, was there a play? the first time he did it the ball was thrown home, but the second time on his home run it wasn’t even close he just likes to get dirty.  Plus it is really fun to watch.  JJ (who by the way thinks Derek is the BOMB) hit an ITP homerun and dove into home plate too.  Offensive Highlights: Tim, Derek, JJ, Jim and Eric had doubles. Tim, Eric and Brad had triples. Derek, Eric, Brad, and JJ hit ITP homeruns.


2 Responses to July 23 vs Assembly of God

  1. Least we forget. All Three Pitchers had strike outs.

  2. Mud Puppy says:

    It should also be noted that Jason and Russell were on a man-date that night, and unable to attend the onslaught.

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