July 16 vs Grace Point

Game 1: 13-9 us

Game 2: 17-10 us

This night marked the return of Jamie to First Base after a 2 year sabatical and he has been dubbed “Shop Vac” because of the uncanny way any ball thrown in his direction winds up in this mit, no matter if it is in the dirt or 8 ft above the base.

Second game highlights. Tommy had two doubles and Jim, Jason B, and Randy each hit one.  Brad and Eric each hit ITP homeruns.  Defensive highlights include Jason Bolton taking care of business in the top of the fourth at shortstop making plays for all three outs.  Eric also threw a runner out tying to stretch for extra bases at third all the way from his position at Right Center.

I may have to try and get the old camera out to capture some footage next week.  See ya there.



2 Responses to July 16 vs Grace Point

  1. almost forgot. Tom had a second strike out in his second game pitching. Ray also made an appearance at pitcher the second half and had a K of his own.

  2. Mud Puppy says:

    Thanks for doing these Pete!!

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