July 9th vs Ridgeway

Game 1: 38 to 24 them after 9 innings

What a game, as you can tell it took 9 innings to decide a winner. We started off with a bang Levi leading off with a HR and then batting through the lineup the first inning. We held the lead until the 3rd when the went up 1 run.  The game was tied by the 5th 15’s.  The 6th 20’s.  The 7th 23’s. The 8th 24’s, until the ninth when Ridgeway’s bats woke up putting 14 runs.  We were unable to answer and lost the first game.

Game 2: 29 to 15 US

The book keeper didn’t keep record of doubles and triples but Jim and Randy both hit homeruns.  The game war running late and it was decided that the batters would start with 1 and 1 at bat and by the third it was 2 and 2.  We jumped out to a lead once again but were caught in the 4th and 5th but we were able to jump ahead in the last two innings putting 7 runs in the 6th and 9 in the 7th. Tom “Preach” Hawkins made a return from retirement to pitch a winning game striking one batter out and hitting a three run HR blast clearing the bases.

It was two very exciting games to watch.  If you haven’t made it out to a game you don’t know what you are missing.


One Response to July 9th vs Ridgeway

  1. just an interesting fact. Ridgeway was undefeated for the season. Not only were they undefeated they had mercied everyone they had played.

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