July 2 vs Tecumseh Nazarene

Game 1: 21 to 14 Win

Game 2: 15 to 2 Win

The bats have come alive and we are above 500.  We had a great turn out of players and fans in the stands.  We actually had enough players to field two totally different teams once all the tardy people arrived.  First game highlights:  Pete had an in the park home run; Jason Bolton, Jim and Pete each had a triple;  Jim, Jason M (2), Derrick, Tommy, Eric all hit doubles.

Second Game offense: Russ batted a cycle with his in the park homerun, Derrick(1 ITP) and Ralph(2) hit Home Runs. Jason B, Randy, Derrick hit triples. Tim had a double.  I had the opportunity to watch most of this game and there were several nice plays in the infield.  Russ and Derrick each caught a line drive then threw a runner out caught off base for double plays.  Levi made a very nice catch on semi run dive in left center.  I am sure that there were more.  We need someone to start tapeing the games so I can have a YouTube highlight channel, maybe alittle Mud N Steel.

Post in the comments anything I forgot



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