June 25 versus Clinton Methodist

Well it seems the new sticks paid off.

Game 1: 17-0 Win

Game 2: 16-4 Win

Game 1 only went 4 innings before the game was interupted by lighting in the distance.  But the game as pretty much decided in the first when we put 12 of the 17 runs on the board.  There were two outs by the forth batter, but we batted around until the forth batter got the third out.  I will not name the batter.  (Sorry someone had to get the third out, hey at least you only got two of the three outs.) Highlights of the offense. HR-Ralph (1); Triple- Russ (1), Bolton (1), Pete (2); Doubles-Levi (1), Russ (1), Derrick (1), Brad (1), Cory (1). Defensive highlights.  I will need some help here but I know that the catcher made an awesome play on a bunt throwing the runner out at first base. Make comments if you remember anything else.

Game 2 The team batted around again, this time in the third inning. Levi legged out another in the park homerun for his second of the year, making him second in HR’s for the team. Ralph hit his second blast of the night giving him 5 for the season, he also had a double and triple if we had played one more inning he could have hit a cycle. Tommy, Randy and, JJ also had triples. Cory, Jim, and Derrick had doubles. Defensively I can only recall Russ making a nice throw from third to throw a batter out at first.


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