Second Game of Season Vs. Tecumseh Missonary Baptists

Wow,  another double header and two more games to realize we needed new bats.

Game 1 Them 27 : Us 15 Mercied

What can you say they hit the ball pretty hard and we didn’t.  Tommy made a nice defensive play from Left Center throwing a runner out as he tried to stretch a double into a triple.  I don’t recall to much.  I think that I was so disappointed in my own sorry defensive efforts (4Errors)that I tried to block that game out.

Game 2 Them 28: Us 17 Mercied

The Score says a lot.  But things were starting to look up.  Ralph’s bat finally woke up and he had 3 HR and 1 triple and a total of 9 RBI’s. Bruce also made his debut this game hitting two doubles batting 1000 for the season.  Look out.  He is a machine. Tommy,  why do we keep talking about him, made his first start as a pitcher.  The score keeper didn’t keep a pitch count but he had one opponent swinging at empty space for a strike.

There was a practice tonight.  I couldn’t make it so I hope someone updates on how Russell’s new bat work with full swings.  Don’t forget to give an donation for the team bat to Eric as soon as possible.


The stats are still to come.


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