First Game of 2009 vs Britton Bethel Baptists

The first game started out with bang.  Levi Blayer started the season off right with a blast over left center for an in the park home run.  We scored three more that inning and then the bats fell asleep until the fifth where we saved being mercied to play two more in the rain. We lost that game to the tune of 10-22 I think but I can’t be sure.  I think the person keeping the book also fell asleep so I can’t be sure

First game highlights:  Levi’s lead home run blast, and the fact we didn’t get mercied

The second game was a little slower but we won this one 15-14.  I am 95% sure our book keeper fell asleep during this one because she did not keep a record of the other team’s scores/outs.  I don’t recall which game it was but I believe that there was a 4 out inning.  This is a short recap because it is late for me and I am having trouble decripting the rain soaked book.

Second game highlights: Tommy’s slide in to home plate through the mud puddle.


PS.  I will make up some stats for this game.  coming soon


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