Tecumseh Methodist.

Well it was hot yesterday. So hot alot of our fan base did not make it out.  I don’t know the scores because we didn’t keep a score book on our bench.  We won both the first game was something like 7-11 and the second 4-19.

Notable plays…  Russ played well at both third and short while Jason was happy enough to watch the show.  Russ made a sweet back hand grab 4 inches off the ground while running forward on a foul ball ending in a nice shoulder roll.  Our own Jim hit a towering home-run in the second game.  He didn’t realize just how hard he had hit it and he was running the bases like he needed to beat a throw. Ralph also hit one over the fence in the second game too.  There were several in the park home-runs, Russ and Tommy had one each I think.. hard to remember.  It was a fun game despite the heat.  And to those brave fans that did brave the heat, I give you a stand ovation for your devotion.


One Response to Tecumseh Methodist.

  1. Thanks for the update, it sounds like you guys have found a good league…. a good one can be so hard to find these days!

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