First Game

Game 1 L 16-5

Game 2 W 17-14

It’s officially here.  Softball!!  The day started high with a box of very nicely designed Jerseys, thanks Jay, but then our performance in the first game didn’t match our spiffy new look.  We were mercied in the 5th inning.  It was a slow start for the offense and very slow defensively.  The cobwebs still hadn’t cleared and the gloves were still stiff from being stored over the winter.  The high was Ralph’s leadoff homerun in the second inning.  Tommy had a triple only because he watched the ball instead of running to first after popping up to shallow right.  With his wheels he might of had an ITPHR.

The sticks finally woke up in the second game, everyone had a hit with Ralph, Terry and Pete going for extra bases.

I forgot my camera so there are no pictures. But I promise there will be footage, and pics, of the next games.  (And it will not be the Mud and Steel Show.) 


One Response to First Game

  1. mudpuppy says:

    You can find video here and here

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