End of an ERA..


“The end of an Era” that phrase brings with it feelings of fear, fear of the unknown, change, but it also brings with it a scense of accomplishment.  The ERA of Russ man as a Coach has come to an end.  It wasn’t a public circumstance, it just came out in an email today.  Russ will be replaced by Jay “ONOM”.  There will be alot of expectations from the Fans and Clubhouse of the new coach, but I have every confidence in the newly appointed head coach.  With being removed from his responsibilities as head coach Russ will now be able to concentrate on his hitting and feilding performances.



11 Responses to End of an ERA..

  1. mudpuppy says:

    And we’ll all be better for it!

  2. Jay says:

    This is going to be tough, following the a great coach like Russ!

  3. pete says:

    He might offer a few suggestions as to how to make a line up…..

  4. pete says:

    so who is going to be keeping the book?

  5. beartracks says:

    REady for Spring training?

  6. The Pudgeman says:

    I remember when he was just a back up second baseman and got hurt all the time. It brings a tear to my eye. Good luck ONOM! B4T

  7. Jay says:

    I think we will have a “signup” sheet out for the month of March, and then the first week of April will start our spring training. That will give us almost 2 months to get ready.

  8. mudpuppy says:

    I am more excited for this season than any in past history!!

  9. Brandon says:

    when i get back i am going to need a lot of practice. i’ll be in shape, but i need to focus on hitting and catching. i’ll be back June 23, and will be ready to play that following Thursday. have you desided if we are going to have one leage or two? JW!

  10. Jay says:

    Brandon very good question..We will probably have a sign up sheet out starting this Sunday and it will go through the end of the month, then we will get a better idea of who is and isn’t going to play.

  11. Brandon says:

    well i am going to play, but i’ll be coming back June 23 and that following Thursday will be my first game of the year.

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