Tecumseh Methodist Game recap…

Game 1-W-11/8

Game 2-W-15/14

I wish that I could say that they were fun games to play but, I have been sidelined by a bum finger but, they were very entertaining to watch. 

Game 1…. Levi started the night off with a bang with a lead off in-the-park homerun on the first pitch of the night.  His hit set the mood for the rest of the game, never losing the lead. Strong defense held the score when the hits wouldn’t come. Levi(LF), Jim the Hoover(3rd), and Brandon(C) teamed up with beautiful smoothness to tag a runner out at home. Jamie took time to shine last night.  He debued at Second base for the last 2 innings of the first game chalking up a double play.

Game 2…. Was close.. It also took 8 innings. Derek hit a home run clearing the fence at centerfield.   Adam and Jamie took turns at First base, and it was evident that they have been taking lessons from Jim, snatching up every ball that came their way while keeping a foot cemented to the bag.  Jamie’s base running deftness also cause an error by the other team allowing the tieing run to move into scoring position to force extra innings.

Batting..  Derek and Levi- HR;  Derek X2, Russell, Jack- Triples; Bruce, Jack, Josh, EK, Derek, Jon- Doubles

If anyone can think of anything else please make a comment and it will be amended


4 Responses to Tecumseh Methodist Game recap…

  1. Pudgeman says:

    Pedro, I don’t think that the second game went eight innings. I believe that all of that tie breaking/game winning action happened in the top of the seventh! At least that is my recollection of the night. B4T

  2. mudpuppy says:

    You are incorrect my Dougness… Extra innings, free baseball, excitement!

    (more specifically, we tied it up in the seventh and won it in the eighth. they were home team the second game and had the last at bat, we held them in the eighth.)

  3. Pete says:

    Doug you shouldn’t argue with the stat book, it knows all… You may add but never subtract..

  4. tom says:

    spot on Pete

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