Emmanuel Luthern Game recap…

Game 1-W-10/9

Game 2-W-17/6

I have to say it again.. Man those were fun games.

Offense.. Game one. Russ, Derek, Seth, Jim, Pete, and Levi all had doubles.  Bruce had a 2 run home run in the Fourth.  Two, Derek and Seth hit in the park home runs in succession. Seth hit a triple; Bruce, Jack, EK, Adam all had doubles Jack hitting two.  Doug had a bunt that he made it to first base on.  Nice wheels Doug..

recap 1 We lead until the top of the seventh by 2 when they made a come back to lead by 1.  Pete was lead off and got to first on a hit to left center.  The call from the dugout was “YOUR SCORING ON A BASE HIT!” Jamie puts a hit to center field. Doug coaching third made a sign to stay as Pete blew by to score the tying run. Tied with winning run on first,two outs and four batters later Jamie is on third.  Josh a “newbie” to the team comes through with a nice shot in the gap to score the winning run.

Game 1 highlights..  All DEFENSE.. The infielders made it easy for the outfielders making great plays on groundballs and line drives. Jim (hoover @3) made an awesome catch at third.  Derek cleanly fielded a ground making the throw to first with style, he also defied gravity floating three feet in the air to catch a line drive over his head.  EK (pitching) with cat like reflexes caught one hit hard up the middle, and Willie fielded a ball off the plate making a force at first by beating the runner.

Game 2 Highlights.. Defensive plays..  (Tell you the truth I don’t remember alot about the defense of this game.)  Hoover pitched a couple of innings this game dropping balls in for strikes, he also made a great catch on a line drive.  Derek at short made a force at second on a bad flip were he once again defied gravity and the laws of physics by stopping his forward motion in air to stretch his foot back to make the tag. 

here is a video


7 Responses to Emmanuel Luthern Game recap…

  1. oh and Pete made a play on a line drive in the outfield fracturing the tip of his ring finger. I have a pic if you want

  2. Bruiser says:

    Is that the same thing you did a couple years ago? Or is it less or more severe? Hope you’re not in too much pain. I’m not interested in a pic, personally. Sounds kinda’ gross.

  3. mudpuppy says:

    Yeah, we need a picture of that finger on the pictures page. And somebody needs to get ahold of Hoover and get those pictures he brought in last night. Great shots!

    (Pete, did I see a video camera last night?)

  4. Pete says:

    I have the pics that Hoover had and more.. There is a little video from last night. But I need a high speed connection to up load it

  5. Jay says:

    You are correct sir!! excellent defense on everyones part. plus we play with alot of confidence. And if I have a vote I saw the real thing, dont want to see it in a picture, ooouuuccchhh!!!!

  6. Pete says:

    Doug… i haven’t forgotten about your highlight… I am just waiting for the book then I will add the offense/batting highlights

  7. The Pudgeman says:

    Pedro babe! It’s about the team, not about the Pudge! B4T

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