Grace Point game recap.



Both games were alot of fun.  We mercied them each time.  Although out in the field I really had no idea what the score was.  Once again there were some great plays made by the defence.  The out field did not have to make alot of plays although one of note was by John who made a very nice diving catch on a looper to right center.  The infield took care of alot of runners so I didn’t have to run to much in Left and Left center.  Although foiled by running out for popups…  Seth made several nice plays on grounders to short to make double plays with the help of Big J and Willie at first.

Game 1 Highlights…  We batted through the line up in the first inning scoring 9 runs.  Levi, Bruce, Jack and Willie all had doubles and Jay a Triple

Game 2 Highlights..  We put up 12 runs in the first inning with all but two hits being base hits.  Tom, Willie, Jack, Hoover(Jim), and Pedro all had doubles.(Tom with 2).  John, Jack, and Seth all hit Homeruns.  A special note on Tom’s Doubles…  He stretch both of them with fine base running sliding into second.  His first slide was textbook..  But the second..  well I am sure that he was glad the video camera wasn’t out.  Bruce on the other hand was devistated.

Pictures and video will be up later this weekend..


8 Responses to Grace Point game recap.

  1. If you think that I left anything out.. Please make a comment or drop me an email and I will edit the post.. Thanks..


  2. Bruiser says:

    You might want to check the score on that second game. I thought it was 24-4 or something more outrageous than 21-11. I could be wrong, though.

  3. Tom says:

    Brusier, I believe you are right.

    Wow! What a great team to play with! I am so impressed with the team spirit! There are so many consistent hitters. No one is so selfish as to try to hit the long ball. The fielding was fantastic. I lost count of how many double plays were turned…one was a bared hander by Seth. Great job of reporting two excellent games Pete. Good hitting, good fielding, good fellowship, good opponents, good coaching, good weather, GREAT fans, does it get any better?

  4. Bruce.. you were right.. what I thought was 11 was actually just two tick marks. Sorry.. Thanks for keeping me honest.


  5. Amy says:

    Well I thought I would read about how beautifully the book was kept, but oh well. It was a good game and I was glad I got to keep the book because I had to pay attention. Can’t wait to see what happens this week!

  6. The book was awesomely kept.. It was very easy to compile this weeks stats.. that is why I was able to do so much more with them.. You are AWESOME Babe..

  7. side note.. although we missed our regular coach.. Doug did a fine job, I am reluctant to post this because I think that he already knows, he was proclaiming after the games that he was 4-0 as coach…

  8. The Pudgeman says:

    Hey, we’re a team! We win or lose as a team! Just because the team performed so well under my guidance does not mean that Russ couldn’t have done almost as well! B4T

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