Game 5 Highlights Ridgeway Nazarene

Game 1-L-14/18

Game 2-W-19/17

I must say that last nights games were fun and I am pretty sure that they were fun to watch too because I made some pretty silly plays and a couple good ones.  The first game took eight innings of play to proclaim a winner.  We had a chance to win in the seventh with a runner on third base with one out but, the bats just were not there. Ridgeway put up 7 runs and held us to 3 in the 8th inning for the win.

Highlights game one..  Bruce hit a two run homerun to right (opposite) field in the 3rd also hitting a triple in the 8th.  Derek hit two triples, Adam and Jason had two doubles apiece Russ had one. 

Highlights game two.. Jack hit two homeruns to right field, Jay and Jason both had triples, Derek a double.

Defensive Highlights..  Jim “the Hoover” Grimmer came in to pitch for the second game and had THREE STRIKE OUTS several of them the batter didn’t even swing…Levi and Pete both made pretty catches in full stride as batters tried to burn them in Left and Center fields.  They also teamed up for the circus play of the day.  Pete bounced an easy catch off his glove but Levi was behind him and made the catch for the out.

Link to video of game


4 Responses to Game 5 Highlights Ridgeway Nazarene

  1. pete says:

    There will be video of this weeks game. I haven’t had time to process it but I have got great footage of a beautiful slide in to home plate…. I mean awesome.

  2. michelle says:

    excellent games guys! and it was just as excellent for all the fans! see you all in August at the tourney!! good job all!

  3. Tom says:

    I can’t wait for next week!

  4. Brandon says:

    hey, just wondering when we’re going to make up one of the games.

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