Game 4 highlights

Game 1-W-12-10

Game 2-W-9-7

Last nights games were a spectacular show of defensive plays. Both games were very close and won in the last innings.  We welcomed back Tom “Hawkman” Hawkins to the Mound to drop balls past the batters, and Jim “the Hoover” Grimmer came off the IR for the second game to show us young pupps how to play the game.

Lets start with the offense. Russ had a beautiful dink over the right fielders head for a ITP homerun. Jason, Lew, and Jay each had triples, and Russ, Jason, Brandon, and Seth each stretched it to second.

But defense won the game.  Both Derek and Seth teamed up with Jamie to make double plays on a fielded balls. Jay made a beautiful play at home on a pop up. (Those are some of the hardest catches, way to go Jay.) Centerfield saw alot of action last night and the outfielders all made great plays with John catching everything that came in the air to him.  Pete also made some great catches running in on a line drive in the first inning and a beautiful full running diving catch in right field to end one inning.  Voted by most on the team to be the play of the day.

 If you weren’t there to catch the action that is ok.  But for those that did make it out got quite a show.  The next game will be Thursday the 29 th and will be at Ridgeway Nazarene.  Come on out and cheer the team on and enjoy some great fellowship.  Bring your glove, the coach will fit you in somewhere.

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4 Responses to Game 4 highlights

  1. you will need to zoom in on the map.. sorry it didn’t take the zoom that I had set


  2. mudpuppy says:

    I fixed the zoom in on the map.

  3. Pete says:

    good job russ

  4. Jay says:

    Yes Pete did have the Sportcenter #1 in the top ten!!

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