Fourth Game

The next game is scheduled for Thursday June 22.  The game will be at Tate park in Clinton.  Games start at 6pm be there early for warm up and so that coach knows who to put in the lineup.  Even if it is raining show up at the field.  Unless you get a call from the Coach expect the game to be played.


6 Responses to Fourth Game

  1. sam says:

    I like the banner pic with Jay’s head, at least I think it’s Jay. Who is that bald man? I can barely see his eyes!!!!

    Oh, and look, it looks like a hat to his right, maybe it’s the second shooter on the grassy knoll, or something. Some strange conspiracy. Weird huh?

  2. sam says:

    How come on wordpress, frequently the first comment doesn’t show up, and it says no comments? Huh? and there seems to be no preview comment function either. Seems to be an inferior product to me.

  3. mudpuppy says:

    How come you aren’t playing?

  4. pete says:

    Yeah the person taking the picture didn’t set the group up correctly.. what can you say. amature photographers.. you got to love them.. I was just trying the banner background feature.. we will have to get a picture with everyone kind of in the same level for it to work. Thanks for the pics sammy

  5. Pete says:

    Sam I had the same problem. I made a post yesterday in responce to the picture comment and it didn’t display it.. Thanks for the pics

  6. sam says:

    no problem pete.

    Coach, I don’t get home from work until 8:15 on Thursdays any more. 😦

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