Game recap of June 11,2006 Missionary Baptist

Game 1 -W- 27/11

Game 2 -W- 21/19

We ran away with the first game posting 8 runs in the first inning and the lead did not dwindle ending the game with a mercy in the fifth inning.  Highlights- Levi had a game high 7 RBIs with a grand slam in the park home run in the 3rd inning. He added three of those RBI in the 4th off a double to right field.

The second game was slow to start. Our opponents took the lead and kept it until the 4th inning. Holding them in the 7th we won by a margin of 2 runs.  Highlights- Doug almost got ran over by Pete while rounding second before Pete saw the 3rd base coach giving him the stop sign. Bruce had an incrediably graceful slide into home.  Doug tagged two runners out at home plate one of which was a double play.  Derek made slides into every base except 1st and 3rd.  There are more..  post read your own in the comments.


5 Responses to Game recap of June 11,2006 Missionary Baptist

  1. Bruiser says:

    Oh sure…my incredibly (not)graceful slide into home didn’t make the highlight reel? That figures. LOL

  2. The Pudgeman says:

    You know, what about the two put outs and home (one of them part of a double play)? What about the 3/4 performance at the plate? What about the incredibly strategic line ups? Look on the bright side Bruiser, you didn’t get any negative press! I mean really Russ is that how you build people up by showing their weaknesses? Just kidding, I could feel Pedro breathing on the back of my neck! B4T

  3. mudpuppy says:

    Pedro is the Jedi Blogger of the Softball blog. I have very little to do with the content of this blog.

  4. If you would like more in the highlight reel.. Just let me know. I am only one man and don’t get to see all the action. So I am sorry that I didn’t get all the highlights. Maybe I will not play just so that I can consentrate on getting all the highlights down and this will be the best blog ever.

    plus the score book doesn’t contain defensive plays.

  5. Bruiser says:

    Nah, it’s fantastic just the way it is! Besides, I need you to relieve me in left sometimes (or is it me relieving you?).

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