Planning Time

Beginning next season we will be decked out in official NewSong shirts and possibly hats. I’d also like to add a new bat into the fold. To help offset these purchases I think it would be good for the team to raise some funds during the off season. Anybody have any ideas? I’d also like to plan a couple team activities. Post any and all ideas you have. Let’s make 2006 the best season yet!


9 Responses to Planning Time

  1. Pete says:

    I still need to make a donation for this year.

    I will try to think of a cool design for our shirts.

  2. Pete says:

    Russ, what are the guidelines for the bats? are there some that are banned?

  3. Yeah, some are banned. Basically it’s based on the ASA certifications. Here is the link to see what’s kosher: Link

  4. Russ, Don’t forget the post season BBQ Bash at the compound. Have people get with me for more details. BBT

  5. Pete says:

    Doug.. So what do we need to bring? Our own choice of meat and a dish to share? the usual…

  6. Pete says:

    so lets get an early start on conditioning and practice this year.. I want to be able to play right at the first pitch.. not 4 weeks in..

  7. Pete says:

    Practice.. Practice… Practice.. When is the first game… Post the schedule…

  8. Pete says:

    lets practice this saturday..

  9. Pete says:

    as well as sunday..

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